Uramaki Drop box! Local delivery only!

Uramaki Drop box! Local delivery only!

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Not going to be in?

Why not add a drop box to your order? We can place your sushi in your chosen designated safe area and your sushi can stay chilled for up to 24 hours. Please add notes to your order when booking. Order before 9pm for next day delivery. 

Box includes:
1 Delivery Box
2 Wool liners 
2 Gel packs

Our delivery boxes are recyclable our liners can be re-used!

There are a number of ways you can recycle/reuse the wool liners including:-

- picnic hampers

- hanging baskets

- pet baskets

- cushion stuffing

- Homework projects

- Donation to homeless or animal shelters

- Pipe lagging

- Draught excluders

- Protection for plants/trees from frost

- Feeding roses and keeping slugs off plants

- Keeping takeaways warm

- Keeping drinks/food cold on the beach

- Craft projects

- Van/Car lining

- Pads for gardening

If you aren’t looking to re-use the Liners, simply remove the plastic

liner, this can be put in with the standard plastic recycling, then just put the

wool liner into either a compost bin (if available) or dig into the soil in the

garden, as the wool will release valuable nitrates back into the soil as it

breaks down. Some local authorities will accept the wool in household garden

waste bins, it is just a matter of checking with the local council to find out

what recycling facilities are available in your area. Even if the wool going into

the general waste, it will break down in landfill.