How do I store my Sushi until I am ready to eat it?
We recommend you store Uramaki sushi in a refrigerator or leave in our cool packaging if you have chosen this for your order.

How to do you recommend Uramaki sushi is served?
We recommend removing your sushi form the refrigerator or cool packaging one hour before you would like to enjoy it. This way, the flavour and texture will be at their optimum. Traditionally sushi is eaten at room temperature. Chilled sushi and sashimi have less flavour when eaten too cold-the starches in the rice begin to tighten up, it loses its stickiness and flavour.

Can I eat my Sushi the next day?
Yes, Uramaki sushi will have a minimum of 24 hours shelf life past your delivery date. For best results, it is recommended the sushi is consumed on the same day of delivery. All orders will have a produced-on date and a use by date to follow.

Is our Fish Frozen?
Our Tuna and sword fish go through the freezing process, our Mackerel is cured but our Salmon is Scottish farmed salmon and is not required to be frozen as per the food standards agency regulations.

Do I need to be in to receive my delivery?
Yes, unless you give us clear instructions where you would like us to leave it in our comments box when ordering. 

How many Sushi cases shall I order?
As a guide our A4 cases are suitable for 2-3 people to share. And our A5 are suitable for 1

Can I order on the day?
Yes, for Local delivery, Subject to a delivery slots being available. Please head to the check out page when placing your order. - Available only to a 15 miles radius of Nottingham City centre.