Food Safety Rating

With the growing concern around food safety, it's essential to know that your food is safe and up to the highest standards. Uramaki has been awarded a five-star Food Safety Rating from the Food Standards Agency (FSA), the highest rating any UK food distributor can achieve. This rating results from a rigorous assessment of Uramaki's processes, practices and systems.

The FSA looks at how food is handled, stored and prepared, as well as the staff training and management. Uramaki takes food safety seriously and has implemented many measures to ensure that all food served is safe and of the highest quality. These measures include ensuring that all staff members are well-trained in food safety and hygiene and that food is handled, stored and cooked per the relevant regulations. Uramaki also has a rigorous cleaning and sanitizing process to ensure that all surfaces and equipment are cleaned and disinfected regularly.

Uramaki also has a clear policy on food traceability to ensure that all food is sourced from reputable suppliers and is free from contamination. Finally, Uramaki has implemented a system of regular checks and inspections to ensure that all processes and procedures are followed correctly. This includes regular reviews of the food preparation areas and equipment and periodic testing of the food itself. Uramaki's commitment to food safety and its five-star FSA Food Safety Rating show that the restaurant takes its responsibility to customers seriously and is committed to providing the highest quality food. With Uramaki, we're proud to be rated 5 Stars, so you can be sure that your food is safe and of the highest quality.


5 Star Food Hygiene Rating